Why Your Customer ID is Important

Your Customer ID is very important when calling or emailing Vircom's Technical Support.  Many of us here can recognize customers by their voice, name, and/or company name.  However, Vircom's requirement for all support personnel is that they must log the customer's ID for every call or email.  In fact, a ticket cannot be created without the customer's ID number.  Even if the technician knows you or your company, it is unlikely that he/she will have memorized your ID.  For this reason, you should not be surprised when the support person, who you might know very well, asks for your number.

Other than for ticket creation, having your ID ready or including it in your email to Support saves time.  When a customer does not have his/her ID ready, the technician must perform search(es) against our database to find a match with your name, company, etc.   Although this process may only add up two minutes to the support call or the email ticket generation, it can quickly add up.  For example, if, in the morning, we receive 10 emails and none provide the ID number, then the person creating the tickets must spend an additional 20 minutes (10x2min) searching for the ID.  On some days, especially when we are busy, those 20 minutes saved can make a big difference for all our customers (one more reply to an email, one more call back, one more KB article, less time waiting in the phone queue, etc.).

Thank you for your cooperation,

Vircom Customer Support