How-to: Submit Spam to Vircom

In our continuing effort to make Modus the most effective email security solution, we ask that you send spam samples to the Spam Team for analysis.





In the event that Modus is not blocking spam, please send your spam samples to


  • Windows:  create a new email and drag the spam into it (the spam message will appear as an attachment)
  • GroupWise:  highlight the messages to be reported (multiple messages can be selected), right-click and select "Forward as Attachment", fill in the To: field and click on Send





If you have reports of false-positives, please send copies of these messages to or use the false-positive submittal system in the Quarantine of the Modus Console:

  • From the Console, click on Quarantine
  • Select the false-positive
  • Click on the false-positive button
  • Follow the instructions on screen



Please do not automatically forward spam to the address.  This includes creating a catchall for unknown recipient addresses.  The result of automatic forwarding is that our Spam Buster Team receives too many legitimate messages and false-positives.


We also ask that you do not use this address for support questions.  Support questions sent to the spam trap address will not be acknowledged.