AV Backup Folders Are Not Self-Cleaning
Product: All
Version & Build: All


Prior to performing an AV engine update, modus™ backs up the .DLL and .DEF (definition) files to a backup folder:

         Norman:  …\Vircom\modus<Gate or Mail>\NVC\NSE\Backup
         McAfee:  …\Vircom\modus<Gate or Mail>\McAfee\Backup

In the event that the update fails or if there are issues with the AV engine, you can use the most recent .DLL and .DEF files stored the …\Backup folder to restore functionality (paste the files into the ...\NSE or ...\McAfee folder, depending on your version of modus™).


The definition file size for Norman is 22 MB while that of McAfee is 32 MB.  Currently, the …\Backup folder is not self-cleaning.  As such, the accumulated files will cause the folder to grow quite large.  If you are concerned about free space on your hard drive, you may consider deleting the older .DLL and .DEF files in the …\Backup folder.

Vircom strongly recommends that you do not delete the most recent files in the event that a rollback is required.