1. Support
1.1. Customer Support Hours and Statutory Holidays

Support Hours:

8h30AM to 6h00PM Eastern Time (north America) Monday through Friday

Phone Support: 514-845-8474

Begins at 8:30AM and ends at 6:00PM, Monday through Friday. If your call is directed to voice mail, please leave a detailed message, including your Customer ID, and we will answer your request according to the priority level of your service package.  If you have an emergency situation, we recommend that you contact us by phone.

If you call outside of our business hours, you will be able to leave a message and you will receive a call back within 30 minutes.

After-hour calls are reserved for High or Critical priority issues and Trial customers.

Email Support: support@vircom.com

Emails are answered within the business day and according to the severity of the issue. Please note that Vircom offices are closed during statutory holidays.

In case of emergency, it is preferable to call our support line. You can email emergency@vircom.com and it will trigger an alert for our 24/7 system.

If all else fails, you can email escalations@vircom.com and a manager will find the resources to assist you. 


Statutory Holidays:

During most holidays, Vircom maintains a skeleton crew and only processes critical system down issues on those days. The only exceptions are Christmas and New Year's day where Vircom offices are actually closed on those days. Vircom is located in Quebec, Canada so we observe local holidays. Since a large percentage of our clients are from the United States, we also observe the major American holidays ie. Independance Day.

Vircom Holiday Observances: http://kb.vircom.com/default.asp?SID=&Lang=1&id=1659




1.2. Customer Support: Our Values

Statement of Values – Vircom Customer Service



We firmly believe in mutual respect and in treating others with the same honesty, fairness and courtesy that we would like in return.   We will always speak and correspond with our customers in a respectful and courteous manner.



There is so much confidential information at risk that it is imperative you know who you are working with. We will always be honest with you and never knowingly misrepresent ourselves or any solution. Confidential records and proprietary information will always be kept in the strictest of confidence and, at no time, will any of your company's information, including contact names or e-mail addresses, be shared with any third-party vendors.



We pride ourselves on providing respectful, courteous and helpful responses to our customers.  We know that how we conduct ourselves also reflects on our customers' businesses, which we take seriously.   Furthermore, we work efficiently and skillfully, assuring that critical problems are always our top priority and resolved in a timely manner.



We start our day prepared and on time, establishing priorities and goals for the day.  We value our Customers' business and take our job seriously and with care.



We stay focused on our responsibilities of serving Customers and limit external distractions to a minimum.  We use technology to increase collaboration between Vircom employees, not for distraction.



1.3. Required Information When Contacting Customer Support


When calling/emailing Vircom's customer support, please be prepared to provide our service technician with the following information:


  • Your Customer ID.  This number was given to you upon purchase of your products and confirmed with an activated code, sent to you by email. 
  • Your name, the company name, email address and telephone number
  • Product name, version and build number
  • Priority of your request (Critical, High, Normal or Low)
  • Detailed description of the problem including any test results
  • Information on how to reproduce the problem and the error logs


Why your Customer ID is important


Important:  The software version that you are currently running can be found by clicking on Help > About.  This information allows us to properly assess technical issues and recommend the most efficient solution to resolve them.  Providing this information decreases the time it takes to resolve problems because it allows the technician to research "known issues" that may be fixed with a patch or upgrade.

When a problem is reported to Vircom's support, the service technician enters the information into a tracking system and a Ticket Number and description of the request is immediately relayed to the Customer.


Clients should always refer to the ticket number for updates, follow-ups or escalations on the reported issue.  It is recommended that you reply to this email to update us on your situation.



1.3.1. Why Your Customer ID is Important

Your Customer ID is very important when calling or emailing Vircom's Technical Support.  Many of us here can recognize customers by their voice, name, and/or company name.  However, Vircom's requirement for all support personnel is that they must log the customer's ID for every call or email.  In fact, a ticket cannot be created without the customer's ID number.  Even if the technician knows you or your company, it is unlikely that he/she will have memorized your ID.  For this reason, you should not be surprised when the support person, who you might know very well, asks for your number.

Other than for ticket creation, having your ID ready or including it in your email to Support saves time.  When a customer does not have his/her ID ready, the technician must perform search(es) against our database to find a match with your name, company, etc.   Although this process may only add up two minutes to the support call or the email ticket generation, it can quickly add up.  For example, if, in the morning, we receive 10 emails and none provide the ID number, then the person creating the tickets must spend an additional 20 minutes (10x2min) searching for the ID.  On some days, especially when we are busy, those 20 minutes saved can make a big difference for all our customers (one more reply to an email, one more call back, one more KB article, less time waiting in the phone queue, etc.).

Thank you for your cooperation,

Vircom Customer Support 


1.4. Support Response Times & Coverage


Contacting Vircom


      Hours: 7h30 to 18h00 Eastern Time (North America). Emergency support available after hours.

      Phone: 514-854-8474 (direct) or 1-888-484-7266 and press "1" for support.

      Email: support@vircom.com

      Afterhours Emergencies: emergency@vircom.com or call our normal support line and leave a message, you will be called back within 30 minutes.

      Escalations: escalations@vircom.com.


Vircom will use best commercial efforts to provide remote and telephone software support within the time frames defined below.

P1 - Critical Issue:

A critical issue is defined as having a major functionality severely or critically impaired.

  • No mail flow.
  • No access to the user interface.
  • No spam getting caught at all.
  • Compromised accounts causing mail queuing.
Usually a critical issues affect every person in the organization.

Expected Response Times:

  • First reaction within 30 minutes.
  • Resolution expectation within 4 hours or until a suitable workaround is provided.

P2 - High Priority Issue:

A high issue is defined as having an important functionality impaired but not completely down.

  • Quarantine digests/reports not getting generated.
  • Unusually high number of false-positives or false-negatives.
  • Successful phishing attack.
Usually a high issue affects most of the organization but mail flow is preserved where spam and viruses are being quarantined.

Expected Response Times:

  • First reaction within 1 business hour (first call back or email).
  • Resolution expectation within 24 hours or until a suitable workaround is provided.

P3 - Normal Priority Issue:

A normal issue is defined as an issue that is not impacting any major or important functionality and not impacting a large number of users.

  • Single user not receiving certain emails.
  • A user not receiving a quarantine digest.
  • Single user is getting more spam than others.
  • Cosmetic issues with the software
  • A usage question.
Usually a normal issue tends to apply to a single user or a small subset of users within the organization.

Expected Response Times:

  • First reaction within 4 business hours.
  • Resolution expectation within 48 - 72 hours if it is an operational/usage question or will be fixed in next operational release. 


Please not that if a technician reaches back to you within the first reaction time expectation but you are not available to continue with the troubleshooting, these response times are null & void (in other words, if we get back to you and your are not there or available, obviously we will not be able to respect these response times.

Support Coverage:

Our technical support covers exclusively our products and it's direct dependencies.


  • modusGate
  • modusMail
  • modusCloud
  • modusHosted



Dependencies: modusGate and modusMail require SQL Express or the full MS-SQL, we will support these as well.

If you are having network issues, problems with DNS, firewalls, operating systems or other ancilliary systems, our support coverage does not cover those items. We will often provide some advice and assist with some diagnostic efforts on how to fix these issues - in fact, we often go beyond the purview of our support services and assist clients with third party systems, but please understand that this is not part of the normal support coverage and is often and the discretion and skill level of the technician serving you. If you want us to fix a problem with a subsystem that is not directly related to modus, this becomes a professional service and is billable as a consultant fee and is subject to technician availability.

Technical support is meant to cover operational problems or issues with modus only. If you require Vircom support to do any activity that is schedulable in time (perform an upgrade of a server, a server migration from an old physical or virtual server to a new server) these are considered professional services and are thus billable as consultant fees.



1.5. My Vircom Website


Accessing the secure Vircom website can be accomplished in two ways: 

1) By using your product license key

2) By using a log-in ID and password 

To access the MyVircom site, go to www.vircom.com and click on Services and then Customer Portal on the Vircom home page.  Enter your user name and password or  license key and click on the orange arrow:





Log-in IDs: 

You may have up to 4 log-in IDs (contacts) but you must use the log-in ID/Password combination (method # 2 above) in order to change or add the contacts.  For this function to work, you must: 

1) Be listed as the Primary Contact for your company

2) Connect using the log-in / Password boxes - NOT the license key box (see screen shot above)

If you do no't follow both of the methods listed above, an error will occur.  If you are not the Primary Contact, you must email us at support@vircom.com with your Client ID and/or VCI number (Vircom Customer ID) and we will update our information.  Once the update is complete, you may login to create any additional log-ins.

Follow the procedure outlined below to add new log-in IDs:

Select Get / Change Log-in from the tool bar:





You can add up to 4 additional users to your private MyVircom section.  To create a new log-in, click on Modify to display blank surname: 



Complete the missing information:




After completing the registration, you will be able to log into MyVircom using a personalized log-in and password. 

Each log-in ID will automatically be included in Vircom’s master mailing list.  This mailing list is used to communicate important information to all customers such as the release of new versions or patches and general information about the support desk.  Email notification will have the following tag in the subject line: [ModusNews] or [VircomRadiusNews].




1.6. Full Support for Trial Customers


Vircom will provide assistance with installation if you already have the software pre-requisites for modusGate or modusMail.

Virtual or Physical Appliance Requirements:

  • Windows Server 2003, 2003R2, 2008, 2008R2, 2012R2 (32-bit and 64-bit) or Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003 x86, 2008 x64 and 2011 x64 with the following packages installed: 
  • IIS & ASP.NET,  .NET framework 3.5 and .NET framework 4.0
  • All Windows patches must be done prior to our intervention.
  • For most installations under 1000 mailboxes, you will need a dual core system or VM, with at least 2 gigs of RAM and 60 gigs of hard drive space on the "c:\" drive. 

Vircom will help you setup one or two domains or domain routes as well. 

Free assistance will be provided within reason.  If your installation needs go beyond this, please contact our sales team and we will be happy to provide you with a professional services quote.


Customer has the equivalent of Platinum support for the first 30 days of the trial, phone & Email.


Contact customer support, by phone, at 514-845-8474 or, by email, at support@vircom.com.



1.7. Mailing Lists and Client Community

Vircom Mailing Lists 

Your daily source of Vircom info! Vircom hosts several mailing lists that allow customers to help one another with Vircom's product line.  Vircom also uses these lists to announce new releases, patches and updates, including any important alerts that we may need to broadcast to our customer base.  Finally, we use these lists as a way to get feedback about our software.  This helps us when we need to set priorities in our development efforts.

Discussion / Self-Help Lists:
These are interactive lists used by our customers:

Discussion list for Vircom's Modus-powered solutions.  This is a high-traffic list with peaks of 50+ emails per day.  You can create a rule in your mail client to segregate these messages if you do not wish to be overwhelmed: they have the word [MODUS] in the subject line.  You can subscribe to this list by clicking on the following link:  mailto:modus-request@vircom.com?subject=subscribe.

Vircom's policy regarding the lists:

Common net-etiquette applies to our lists.  Vircom reserves the right to remove any person from the list who behaves in an abusive manner.  Vircom occassionally participates directly in the discussion groups.  However, if you have support issues that you can't resolve by talking to people on our lists, you should address your questions directly to support@vircom.com.
1.8. How-to: Submit Spam to Vircom

In our continuing effort to make Modus the most effective email security solution, we ask that you send spam samples to the Spam Team for analysis.





In the event that Modus is not blocking spam, please send your spam samples to spamtrap4@vircom.com:


  • Windows:  create a new email and drag the spam into it (the spam message will appear as an attachment)
  • GroupWise:  highlight the messages to be reported (multiple messages can be selected), right-click and select "Forward as Attachment", fill in the To: field and click on Send





If you have reports of false-positives, please send copies of these messages to falsepositives@vircom.com or use the false-positive submittal system in the Quarantine of the Modus Console:

  • From the Console, click on Quarantine
  • Select the false-positive
  • Click on the false-positive button
  • Follow the instructions on screen



Please do not automatically forward spam to the spamtrap4@vircom.com address.  This includes creating a catchall for unknown recipient addresses.  The result of automatic forwarding is that our Spam Buster Team receives too many legitimate messages and false-positives.


We also ask that you do not use this address for support questions.  Support questions sent to the spam trap address will not be acknowledged.


1.9. Submitting Spam and False Positives


Spam and False-Positives Submitted by Clients

The SpamBuster team would like to thank all of you who send data to
falsepostives@vircom.com and spamtrap4@vircom.comYour contributions are appreciated and we would not be able to tweak the spam engine to keep its performance sharp and up-to-date without your constant feed of spam and false-positives.  We would also like to make some suggestions regarding the information sent to these mailboxes.

Automatic Feeds

Obsolete Mailboxes:

Many of you have started feeding the traffic from inactive or obsolete mailboxes to our spamtrap4 mailbox without pre-filtering for content.  Although this may seem like a good idea, we've found that many of these boxes still receive legitimate mail from contacts or "good" mailing lists.  In some cases, the lists the person used to belong to may look fairly spammish, so it is becoming difficult for us to be able to separate the spam from the non-spam coming from these mailboxes.  Furthermore, messages that are sent to spamtrap4 should only be spam.  Otherwise we have to spend valuble time sorting through the messages which slows down the update process on our end.  Unfortunately, these obsolete boxes do not help us that much.

Catchall mailboxes:

Some of you have redirected your catchall mailboxes for certain domains directly to our spamtrap4 address.  This shouldn't be done because we get a lot of legitimate mail in this mailbox which hinders our efforts.    We already have several "ancient" domains (12 years old or more in our case) set up as internal spamtraps for detecting spam attacks.  They no longer receive any legitimate mail so they have become very valuable.  Catchall redirections should not be used with spamtrap4@vircom.com.

Ideally you should send us messages that were submitted by your users in the proper way, according to the instructions in "
I have spam that I want to send you."  A
, a new message must be created with the original spam message included as an attachment. This has the benefit of conserving the original message without ruining the contents or the headers.  This works well with most mail clients except for Microsoft Outlook which tears apart messages as soon as they come in via POP or IMAP.  Outlook Express, however, works fine.
Confirmed spam messages should be sent to spamtrap4@vircom.com.
Please, do NOT submit legitimate messages, false-positives or Quarantine Reports to 


1.10. How-to: Report a Virus to Vircom

If you have the original MSG (message) file in the user's inbox (modusMail™), zip the MSG file and call it infected.zip with vircom as the password.

If you do not have the original MSG (message) file but the end-user has it in his/her mail client:

  • Save the infect message as a txt file (save in cleartext)
  • Note that you must save the entire email – only saving the attachment is not sufficient
  • Zip the txt file to a zip file called infected.zip with the password vircom
  • Send the infected.zip file to virustrap@vircom.com for analysis.


In the email message, include the product you are using and the build number (click on Help > About in the modus™ Console.



1.11. How to submit a feature request

How-to: Submit a Feature Request:

To submit an enhancement, feature or change request, send an email to support@vircom.com.  Please include the following information:

  • The product in question (e.g. ModusMail, Radius, etc.) 
  • Your VCI Number and Contact Information
  • Desired behavior
  • Technical justification
  • Business justification (if relevant)
  • Any additional comments

Please note that Vircom does not commit itself to implementing all requests.  The decision to implement (or not) a feature is based on a variety of factors, including the difficulty of implementing it, the value it adds to the product and how it fits in with our product strategy.   Keep in mind that Vircom’s decision to reject a feature request should not be taken as a rejection of the underlying idea.

1.12. What happens when my trial / temporary key expires?

Product: ModusMail & ModusGate

If the license key you are using is a trial key (i.e. temporary), the product will stop working -  all services will stop and email will be rejected. However, if you have a permanent key and the support plan expires, the auto-update feature for spam and virus definitions will no longer receive updates.  The services will continue to function but there will be no new updates.



1.13. Support for Microsoft Windows 2008/2003 Web Edition

Support for Microsoft Windows 2008/2003 Web Edition?

Product: modusMail & modusGate
Version & Build: all

Microsoft Windows Web Edition and Vircom Products

This document is important for customers considering using Microsoft Windows 2008/2003 Web Edition with Vircom products.

Question:  Does Vircom support its products on Windows Web Edition Server?

Answer:  Vircom only supports the installation of the modus web components on a Windows Web Edition server. All other products (modusMail Server, modusGate Server, VOP Radius, and VOPCOM) are not supported.

With respect to modusMail / Gate, the only supported implementation scenario is where the web components are installed on the Web Edition and the modus server is installed on another (supported) Windows server version.

Microsoft states: “
Licensing terms for Web Server also further clarifies that the server software may only be used for front-end Web serving Internet-accessible Web pages, Web sites, Web applications, Web services, and POP3 mail serving*" (* i.e., webmail).


NOTE: As long as Microsoft prohibits running non-webserving applications on its 2008/2003 Web Edition, Vircom, in turn, must insist that deploying modusMail or modusGate Server on the Web Edition is not supported.  Because of Microsoft license restrictions, Vircom cannot legally test modus server on the 2003/2008 Web Edition.