Understanding Bounces and Deferral of Emails

Product: modusCloud

The following information provides details of email behavior in the LOGS:

Bounce and Deferrals Troubleshooting:


Delivered: Messages that are sent through modusCloud platform and are delivered.

Quarantined: Message that are quarantined by one of the filters on the platform.

  • These messages can be released from quarantine.

Blocked: Messages that are blocked because of a virus or executable file.

  • Messages that are blocked are not allowed to be released.

Deferred: Message could not be delivered to client's/recipients server.

  • Messages will be retried up to 30 days. These emails will be automatically retried once every 5min, 15min, 30min and 1 hour after that for the next 30 days.
  • These error are temporary and normally result in 400 error codes.
Bounced: Messages did not get delivered to the recipient/customers server.

  • Messages get sent a non-delivery report (NDR).
  • These are what we call a Hard Bounce normally 500 error codes
  • These messages will need to be resent.
Queued: This is a placeholder for our back-end logs to update the Front-end UI logs. This normally does not indicate whether the message was delivered or not.