Test your mail flow

Test your mail flow


After creating a route, you can optionally run this automated mail flow test to ensure the system is working properly.


Note: You must have configured a Route before testing the mail flow.


      1.  Ensure the modusGate VM is running and you’ve logged in, open the modusGate Administration Console to System > Services to verify that all services are running.

  • The most important services required for basic functionality are: SMTPRS, SMTPDS, MODUSADM and MODUSCAN. 

      2.  Locate the Email Flow Diagnostic Tool on the desktop and click to open the program.

      3.  Verify that the SMTP server displays the modusGate server name, and enter your email address to perform the test.

      4.  Select to test a spam message, a legitimate message or both, and click Send.

  • Check your Inbox in Outlook to verify that you received the legitimate test email.
  • On the modusGate console, open the Quarantine tab and verify that the spam test message appears in the list (if the console Quarantine screen was already open, you might need to click the Refresh button to see the message). 

      5.  The mail flow test can be re-run at any time.

If you have any issues, please a Contact Support representative at 1-888-484-7266.