Deploying modusGate on Microsoft Azure MarketPlace

Deploying modusGate on Microsoft Azure MarketPlace

The following article describes how you can access modusGate on the Azure MarketPlace and deploy a VM in Azure with modusGate installed.

Note: In order to deploy modusGate on Microsoft Azure you must have an Azure Subscription account or you can sign up with your Microsoft Account here at sign-up for a free trial.


      1. Access your Azure portal and search for modusGate on the MarketPlace.

      2. Select modusGate email security from the list and click the "Create" button.

      3. Enter details of your VM in the "Create Virtual machine" panel.

                  a. Basics – Configure basic settings.

                  b.  Size - Choose the virtual machine size. Recommended VM for modusGate is A2 Standard, A3 Standard and A6 Standard. Visit this page for VM size details.

                  c.  Settings - These are optional feature settings. ie. Such as configuring a Static Public IP.

                  d. Summary details panel of the VM being deployed.

                  e. Buy - Purchase the VM offer. Vircom pricing is separate from MS Azure and is a BYOL (Bring Your Own License), please see Azure Pricing for all details.

                  f. Allow the VM approx. 5 minutes to be provisioned and once ready, log into the VM via the RDP client.


Start using modusGate on Azure with a free 30 day-trial license. See the following KB article on how to obtain your free 30 day-trial license.


Contact a Vircom representative for all modusGate pricing inquires. Contact us at 1-888-484-7266.