1. directQuarantine Technical Information
1.1. Direct Quarantine toolbar is greyed out.
Product: Direct Quarantine

Version & Build: All



Problem Summary:


Direct Quarantine toolbar is grayed out and right clicking on spam shows the spam option as grayed out (or going to quarantine shows zero messages).  




  •             No communication between the workstation and modusGate.  You can test by using telnet on the workstation to the port 9000 of modusGate (ie:  telnet gate.yourdomain.com 9000) will usually tell you right away if the connection is happening or not.  If the connection is failing, make sure you open up port 9000 on your firewall between that workstation and your modusGate server.

  • License problem – your key doesn’t have dQ cleared or it’s expired.  Check in the modusGate advanced console -> SYSTEM -> License key and where it shows directQuarantine, make sure it says “directQuarantine licenses”.  If not contact your sales rep.

  • Failure to handshake:  On first statup, modusGate will send a handshake email to the user’s mailbox that _should_ be picked up by directQuarantine.  Sometimes that handshake email doesn’t make it to their inbox (it’s deemed as junk so sent to Junk Mail folder for instance, or some other third-party tool intercepted the message).  You can workaround that by forcing an authentication (see below).
  • A bug – in those cases, if points 1, 2 and 3 fail – you should escalate to our support team with the log files (see below). 




1)   Get the logs:

  • First, before calling the support team or emailing support, try getting the direct Quarantine log file.
  • Usually you will find the log file under C:\users\<username>\appdata\local\vircom\directQuarantine (folder).
  • Locate the files called vircom.dQ.Client.Log and vircom.dQ.Client.config.
  • Zip them up and keep them handy when you open the ticket with support, email it to them as soon as you have a ticket with the support team.

2)   Force Authentication:

  • Get on the affected desktop and force an authentication.
  • Press down on the Left-CTRL and Left-SHIFT buttons on the keyboard while you click on the little blue envelope icon in the direct quarantine toolbar.

  • A pop-up should appear:

  • Put in the users email address and windows password.
  • The toolbar will be enabled.
1.2. How-To: Enable additional logging for Direct Quarantine
Product: Direct Quarantine

Version & Build: All



It is required at times that Admins need go login to the modusGate server to verify Direct Quarantine logging information. However by default the logging information is very little or insufficient. The steps below will show how an administrator can enable intensive logging for Direct Quarantine.




   1- Ensure that you are able to login to the modusGate server with Administrative privileges.

   2- Locate the Direct Quarantine root installation folder usually located under "\Vircom\modusGate\directQuarantine Server"

   3- Locate a file named log4net.config and open it notepad.

    4- On line 31 of the file the following string is stated "<level value="ERROR" />

    5- This means that the logs will only display error only if reported thus leaving out any other options such as INFO, WARNINGS, FATAL...etc.

    6- Simply change the value from ERROR to ALL in capital letters. this is show all logging in the log files.

    7- Save the file and restart the modus Direct Quarantine service so that it will take effect.

    8- Once done the logs can be view under  \Vircom\modusGate\directQuarantine Server\Log" folder in extensive details from who logged in to app crashes... etc.