How-To: Respool Messages


Product: ModusMail & ModusGate

Version & Build: All




This article will explain how to respool messages.


If you have experienced a slowdown in message processing that has caused a backlog in one of the spool directories, the first step is to stop and start the service responsible for that particular spool and allow the machine clear out the messages normally:

  • Invirus folder: MODUSCAN & MODUSADM services
  • Incoming & Holding/Domains folders: SMTPDS service

However, if the machine is not able to process them quickly enough or if there are too many backlogged messages to wait for normal processing, follow the respool directions:

  • Create a "respool" folder where you will temporarily store all of the messages, e.g. C:\respool
  • Stop all Modus services and rename the existing spool to spool.old
  • Move all of the message files (MSG, RCP/LCK/LCA/RCO) to the respool folder using recursive copy or move commands:
    - Go to a Command Prompt
    - Go to the root of your old spool folder (e.g. spool.old)
    - For a recursive copy (that will search each subdirectory), enter the following string:  

for /r %a in (B*.*) do copy /y "%a" c:\respool 

  • Delete all of the REF files (B*.REF)
  • Rename all *.LCK, *.LCA, *.RCO, *.DEF files to *.RCP
  • At this point, you should only have MSG/RCP pairs in C:\respool
  • Restart the Modus services to create a new spool (and process new incoming messages in the meantime)
  • Move the contents of the \lists folder to the newly created spool
    • No additional temporary folders (sptplock, temp, dead, deadvirs) are required

Using a grep tool (see attachment) or Windows search tool:

  • Use grep or Windows Search to produce a list of files you do not want and turn that list into a batch file to delete them
  • Delete all MSG/RCP pairs that you do not want (example, bounce messages)


  • Get the respool tool (attached below) and extract it to your hard drive (such as the root Modus folder)
  • Respool by entering the dispinvr command from a Command Prompt: 
    • dispinvr <full path to respool folder> <full path to spool\invirus folder of current spool>
      • E.g for c:\modusmail:  dispinvr c:\respool c:\spool\invirus  <enter>
  • If the path file is lengthy, use quotation marks around the entire path, e.g. "c:\program files\vircom\modusmail\spool\invirus"