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Modus Blockade Checklist

Product: All

Version & Build: 5.0 & up

The following is a check list to perform prior and post installation of a Modus Blockade setup.

These settings apply to all servers on the blockade, no matter the number of servers listed. Each task must be done on each Modus server.

Prior to Installation:

1- Make sure you backed up all databases.

2- Make sure you perform a mailconfigbackup of each Modus node.

3- In the case of Modusmail, it might be a good idea set the flags "delete mailbox on users deletion" and "delete     users if mailbox not found" flags to OFF prior to doing your work.

4- Backup the folders for customer web pages (webmail, webquarantine, etc...)

5- Make sure a copy of the original package install is available.


Post Installation:

1-  Test mail flow is able to send inbound and outbound.

2-  Check if the SCA engine is indeed catching spam.

3-  Verify if the anti-virus and spam definitions are up to date.

4-  Test to see if you can access the databases.

5-  Verify if all Modus websites are operational and users can login.




6-  Check to see if only 1 server is generating quarantine reports.

7-  Check to see if users can release\block items from the quarantine reports.

8-  Check to see if directQuarantine clients are still operational

9-  Verify if you can use the UNC path to access the @quarantine folder.

10- Make sure the @quarantine folder is being shared.

11- Make sure webmail users folders are accessible (Modusmail).

12- Verify that the SQL backups and replication scripts are working (Optional depending on setup).

13- Verify if the replication is working properly by performing tests while live.

14- Verify if the replication is working properly on a scheduled task.

15- Verify if the port 25 script scanners is checking SMTP port every 30 seconds.

16- Verify if the auto-cleanup is done by only 1 server only.

17- Verify if certificates need to be moved over.

18- Check if custom rules are configured correctly such as the "Fileinto" command is running properly.

19- Check to see if the existing system uses STARTTLS.

Modified 6/3/2014
Keywords: checklist migration
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