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How-to: Encrypt ModusGate User List Population and Authentication Requests

Product: ModusGate

Version & Build: All




Before you begin:


If you have not obtained a certificate from the Certificate Authority CA Server, please consult the Microsoft knowledge base article How to enable LDAP over SSL with a third-party certificate authority.  After enabling LDAP over SSL, reboot the LDAP server and use the ldp.exe utility to test if Port 3269/636 responds.

1)  Export the Root Certificate Authority:


On the ModusGate server, before making any changes, proceed with the following:


  • On the LDAP server, create an MMC for the certificates on the Local Computer
  • Once created, under Console Root, go to Certificates (Local Computer)\ Trusted Root Certification Authority\Certificates
  • Double-click on the Root certificate that was Issued To: CertificateServer_CA and Issued By: CertificateServer_CA
  • Click on Details
  • Click on Copy to File
  • At the Welcome window, click on Next
  • Select DER encoded binary, click on Next and enter the certificate name
  • Click on Next and then Finish
  • A message advising that the export was successful should appear


2)  Import the Root Certificate Authority:


The certificate must be imported to the ModusGate server and installed under Certificates (Local Computer)\ Trusted Root Certification Authority:

  • Double-click on the certificate imported from the LDAP server
  • Click on Install Certificate
  • At the Welcome to the certificate import wizard window, click on Next
  • Click on  Place all the certificates in the following store and click on Browse
  • Check the Show physical stores option
  • Locate and expand Trusted Root Certification Authorities, select Local Computer and click on OK
  • Click on Next and then on Finish
  • A message advising that the import was successful should appear



3)  Populating the User Lists:

  • In the ModusGate Console, click on Connection
  • Click on the route to be configured
  • For Automatically populate user list and Authentication request, enable Use SSL/TLS
  • For both, enter the FQDN as specified in the subject fir your certificate (e.g.
  • Ensure that the ports are changed to either 636 (LDAPS) or 3269 (Global Catalog)
    • When using SSL/TLS, the port must be set to 636 or 3269
  • Click on Apply
  • Stop/start the SMTPRS service




If, after completing the above steps, you get Error 450 <> is temporarily unavailable, try later, ensure that the following were properly configured:


  • In the ModusGate Console, the FQDN (not the IP of the LDAP server) was entered
  • Ping your LDAP server (e.g. ping
  • Verify step #2:  Make sure that the certificate you imported from the LDAP server is installed under Trusted Root Certification Authorities\Local Computer
  • Double-click on the imported certificate and make sure it is installed
  • Telnet into your LDAP server on port 636 or 3269 from your ModusGate server
    • If you do not receive a blank banner, there is a problem with your firewall or the certificate is not installed correctly on the LDAP server


Modified 4/19/2007
Keywords: Encrypt User List Population Authentication Requests SSL TLS LDAP Certificate Authority
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