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How-to: Log Modus Logs to a *nix Host

Product: All

Version & Build: All




Programs used:



Tested with:


  • Gentoo Linux
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • ModusMail






  • Configure syslog-ng on the *nix machine (loghost) to accept incoming syslog connections on UDP port 514:
    • /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf: udp(port(514))


  • Restart syslog-ng on the *nix server



  • Once installed create a file named and place it in
    C:\Program Files\syslog\etc\


  • Contents of is the name or the ip of the *nix syslog host running syslog-ng followed by the port (default 514):
    • loghost:514



  • Run the logger/tail command:
    • C:\SFU\commontail -f C:\path\to\modus\logs\OPR20070208.LOG  | logger -t MODUS


  • Logger command line options:
     -f = File to feed/tail to the syslog daemon
     -t = Tag to prepend to the messages
     -l = Hostname to log to (loghost)
     -a = port to use (514 is the udp port for syslog)
     -m = protocol to use (udp)
     -p = priority to log to (user.notice is the default)




Example output on the loghost:

 #tail -f /var/log/messages
 Feb  8 15:51:42 SST-NG modus: <<< 550 < is not a valid mailbox
 Feb  8 15:51:42 SST-NG modus: ---- SMTPDS log entry made at 02/01/2007 23:59:43
 Feb  8 15:51:42 SST-NG modus: This is session 048EB510
 Feb  8 15:51:42 SST-NG modus: Protocol error: 451 VS14-PR Mailbox bounce
 arrival rate exceeds system limit (#4.2.2)\r\n
 Feb  8 15:51:42 SST-NG modus: ---- SMTPRS log entry made at 02/01/2007 23:59:55
 Feb  8 15:51:42 SST-NG modus: SMTP command failed when talking to
 Feb  8 15:51:42 SST-NG modus:  RCPT TO: <
 Feb  8 15:51:42 SST-NG modus: <<< 550 5.1.1 < is not a valid mailbox



  • Ideally you can create a batch file to pickup new log files from modus
     when they change
  •  Another tail program you can use is multitail which comes with the cygwin
     tools (  this allows you to tail multiple files and merge the output into logger
  • Vircom does not know how much of a performance hit this can put on the box but you can force the logs (OPR*.LOG) to a syslog interface

Modified 4/5/2007
Keywords: syslog tail.exe linux
Article ID: 1603