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The Importance of Upgrading
Vircom Technical Newsletter
Latest ModusMail/ModusGate available : 4.35.480

Importance of Upgrading
We would like to remind you that, with Modus 4.35.480, Vircom introduced new features in the Modus spam scanning engine to stop image-based spam emails. With this version, we are seeing an overall 95% catch rate with Image-based Spam. To benefit from these features, it is important that you upgrade to v4.35.480.

Furthermore, with Modus 4.35.480, we can update the scanning binaries (DLLs used during the scanning process), which guarantees that we can push out fixes to the scanning engine instead of you requiring to do a manual upgrade of your software.

So, to re-iterate what we said in our last newsletter: Upgrading is a good idea!

Image-based Spam - an evolving problem
Because of the evolving nature of image-based spam emails, recently, many customers have noticed an increase of this type of spam getting through the engine even when running modus 4.35.480. It is important to understand that these new variants of image-based spam emails only look like the old ones on the surface. However, the underlying structure of these new image-spam emails is different and require an improvement to our spam scanning engine (and those of other vendors too).

Please be advised that Vircom is treating the problem as critical and our team is working to address the latest new variants of image-spam emails. We regret, however, that we cannot go into technical details to explain how we will address the problem. The risk that this information could find its way to a spammer is too great. The image spam issue is like a strategic “cat and mouse” match between anti-spam vendors and spammers. Vircom is determined to win this match by continuing to be a leader among anti-spam vendors by providing a rapid solution to new variants without compromising the catch or false positive rate.

      We have recently made changes to our spam filters and you should see improvements. Rest assured that our team strives to stay on top of any new spam variants and we will inform you of our progress.

Other technical information:
Since our last newsletter, we have published many knowledge-base articles that could be of interest to you. Here is a short list with a summary of the contents of each article:

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Modified 5/16/2008
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