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Version 4.35, image spam, text spam, end-of-life
Vircom Technical Newsletter
Latest ModusMail/ModusGate available : 4.35.477

Introducing Modus 4.35 with the new Second Generation SCA Engine
May was a great month for spam fighting at Vircom. We have known, for some time, that spammers would be employing image-based spam, a hard-to-catch technique to foil anti-spam engines. Scanning the content of images requires very costly resources and OCR technology is not up to par for high-volume/high throughput situations. A script-based approach is unreliable. Generally, scripts are too specific, preventing the system from dynamically adapting to minute changes within the image, or too generic and likely to block legitimate messages, typical of email exchanges between friends and family.
      The problem is further compounded by the fact that spammers often use multiple versions of the same image: altering the content slightly each time, or adding random pixels to the messages to foil signature-based approaches. Our second generation SCA engine, with its new content analysis layer, can sniff out enough information from the image-based messages without major impact on performance. This technique also enhances our text-based spam catching.

To date, over 230 sites have upgraded to the new version with no reported support issues.

End-of-life for Modus products version 4.1 (and older)
We are announcing the end-of-life for ModusMail and ModusGate version 4.1 (and older) effective July 31, 2006. Starting July 31, we will provide support services for upgrade issues only and will continue distributing anti-spam updates for versions 4.1 and older. Anti-virus updates will still be distributed to ensure that customers on an active support plan continue to be protected against viruses.

We recommend that you plan an upgrade of your Modus products to the latest version by visiting the MyVircom section at The latest version of our product is included with your annual maintenance plan as long as this plan is still active. Should you require assistance with the upgrade, Vircom offers an upgrade service. If your maintenance plan has expired and you wish to take advantage of the new features found in current and future versions of the product, or if you want Vircom personnel to help you with the upgrade, please contact your sales representative. If you do not know who your sales representative is, contact Sales at or, by phone, at (514) 845-1666, ext. 2.
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Modified 5/16/2008
Keywords: Version 4.35, image spam, text spam, end-of-life
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