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4.3 Release, Back-ups, Custom Filters
Vircom Technical Newsletter
Latest ModusMail/ModusGate available : 4.3.459

Modus 4.3 is out
The new Modus 4.3 is now available, and is better than ever before with new features that make it easy for you to monitor and maintain your system's performance.

New Webmail: Modus webmail has a striking new look that is so intuitive, so fast and so widely compatible with all the many browsers on the market that you'll be able to use it anywhere on the planet.

WebMonitor: Check your system health and mail traffic in seconds. Service status, hardware usage, server response time, everything you need to monitor and troubleshoot your server.

Quarantine view using IMAP, SURBL support, enforcement of corporate email policies (includes parental control), custom filters preferences and much more.

Backing up your base configuration
The configuration settings are mainly stored in the registry and Modus provides a command-line tool you can use to automate the process. The program is called "mailconfigbackup.exe" and can be found in the root folder of your Modus installation. You can easily automate it with a simple batch file called by the windows scheduler.

@echo off
cd \program files\vircom\modusgate
rem delete the old config if present
del config.txt
rem do the mailconfigbackup
mailconfigbackup config.txt
rem copy the config.txt to another machine on your network for safekeeping
copy config.txt \\remotebox\somefolder

If you're running the default settings, your blacklist & whitelist settings (and custom sieve scripts) are stored in sievestore.mdb. It is located in a subfolder of the modusgate or modusmail folder called "sievedata". To back it up, just add the lines below.

rem copy the sievestore.mdb file to the remote machine for safekeeping
copy sievedata\sievestore.mdb \\remotebox\somefolder

If you're using MS-SQL to store the sievedata, you can use the MS-SQL Backup Wizard to setup a backup routine to perform the same thing. The relevant tables to backup are: ScriptArchive, ScriptStatistic, ScriptDomainUser and the SieveCatalog table.

For more information about backup practices, please read our complete article How-To: Back up Modus

Did you know... Custom Filters?
Did you know you can create custom filters to block, whitelist, duplicate, redirect, save on disk, rewrite information and more? In version 4.3, you can also use a new type of script for the enforcement of corporate email policies or for parental control.

Also in version 4.3, you can add script conditions for whether the email is inbound, outbound, internal or relaying between 2 other mail servers. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Filters can be run before Anti-Virus, just after, or after all scanning (AV & AS).

Modus Console -> Anti-Spam -> Custom Filters

Please refer to your product manual for more information.

Modified 5/16/2008
Keywords: 4.3 release, backups, custom filters
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