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Submitting Spam and False Positives


Spam and False-Positives Submitted by Clients

The SpamBuster team would like to thank all of you who send data to and spamtrap4@vircom.comYour contributions are appreciated and we would not be able to tweak the spam engine to keep its performance sharp and up-to-date without your constant feed of spam and false-positives.  We would also like to make some suggestions regarding the information sent to these mailboxes.

Automatic Feeds

Obsolete Mailboxes:

Many of you have started feeding the traffic from inactive or obsolete mailboxes to our spamtrap4 mailbox without pre-filtering for content.  Although this may seem like a good idea, we've found that many of these boxes still receive legitimate mail from contacts or "good" mailing lists.  In some cases, the lists the person used to belong to may look fairly spammish, so it is becoming difficult for us to be able to separate the spam from the non-spam coming from these mailboxes.  Furthermore, messages that are sent to spamtrap4 should only be spam.  Otherwise we have to spend valuble time sorting through the messages which slows down the update process on our end.  Unfortunately, these obsolete boxes do not help us that much.

Catchall mailboxes:

Some of you have redirected your catchall mailboxes for certain domains directly to our spamtrap4 address.  This shouldn't be done because we get a lot of legitimate mail in this mailbox which hinders our efforts.    We already have several "ancient" domains (12 years old or more in our case) set up as internal spamtraps for detecting spam attacks.  They no longer receive any legitimate mail so they have become very valuable.  Catchall redirections should not be used with

Ideally you should send us messages that were submitted by your users in the proper way, according to the instructions in "
I have spam that I want to send you."  A
, a new message must be created with the original spam message included as an attachment. This has the benefit of conserving the original message without ruining the contents or the headers.  This works well with most mail clients except for Microsoft Outlook which tears apart messages as soon as they come in via POP or IMAP.  Outlook Express, however, works fine.
Confirmed spam messages should be sent to
Please, do NOT submit legitimate messages, false-positives or Quarantine Reports to


Modified 10/21/2008
Keywords: spam report, false positive report
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