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My Vircom Website


Accessing the secure Vircom website can be accomplished in two ways: 

1) By using your product license key

2) By using a log-in ID and password 

To access the MyVircom site, go to and click on Services and then Customer Portal on the Vircom home page.  Enter your user name and password or  license key and click on the orange arrow:





Log-in IDs: 

You may have up to 4 log-in IDs (contacts) but you must use the log-in ID/Password combination (method # 2 above) in order to change or add the contacts.  For this function to work, you must: 

1) Be listed as the Primary Contact for your company

2) Connect using the log-in / Password boxes - NOT the license key box (see screen shot above)

If you do no't follow both of the methods listed above, an error will occur.  If you are not the Primary Contact, you must email us at with your Client ID and/or VCI number (Vircom Customer ID) and we will update our information.  Once the update is complete, you may login to create any additional log-ins.

Follow the procedure outlined below to add new log-in IDs:

Select Get / Change Log-in from the tool bar:





You can add up to 4 additional users to your private MyVircom section.  To create a new log-in, click on Modify to display blank surname: 



Complete the missing information:




After completing the registration, you will be able to log into MyVircom using a personalized log-in and password. 

Each log-in ID will automatically be included in Vircom’s master mailing list.  This mailing list is used to communicate important information to all customers such as the release of new versions or patches and general information about the support desk.  Email notification will have the following tag in the subject line: [ModusNews] or [VircomRadiusNews].




Modified 4/29/2015
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