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Cannot Access or Save Changes in WebMail/Quarantine Settings

Product: All

Version & Build: All



If users are unable to save their changes in the WebMail or WebQuarantine > Settings panel or they are unable to access the WebAdmin program, please use the following instructions.


To resolve these problems, you must:


  1. Set permissions in the Modus Console to determine what mailbox properties users can change
  2. Ensure that you have the correct file/folder permissions for the changes to take effect



1 - Setting access permissions in the console:


Mailbox permissions can be set on a system-wide level and are inherited by all users on all domains or you can create different permission sets on a per-domain basis so that only users within that domain inherit these permissions.




  • In the Console, go to Web – WebAdmin – Privileges and click on Edit for Allowed User Properties
  • Under the Normal User Privilege Level, use the drop-down menu to enable the options that your users will be allowed to change in WebMail/Quarantine and click on Apply


Domain level:


  • In the Console, click on Domain – WebAdmin – Privileges and select a domain from the Results window
  • Put a checkmark at Override Server Default Settings and click on Edit for Allowed User Properties
  • Under the Normal User Privilege Level, use the drop-down menu to enable the options that your users will be allowed to change in WebMail/Quarantine and click on Apply


Note:  When using ModusGate on a large-scale, the Domain properties are not accessible.  You must configure the permissions at the System-level.




2 - Setting file/folder permissions:


This step involves setting file/folder permissions:


  • In Windows Explorer, right-click on the …Vircom\Web folder and select Properties
  • Click on Security and Advanced
  • Enable the Reset/replace permissions… option
    • For Windows 2000, give Modify rights to the server's IUSR and ASPNET accounts
    • For Windows 2003, give Modify rights to the server's IUSR and Network Service accounts



ModusMail with SQL database mailboxes:


If the web components are configured on a different server than that of ModusMail, you must create a mirror of the ODBC connection between the web server and your SQL server.  The System DSN name, the login and the password must be the same on these servers, as they are configured on the ModusMail server.



ModusMail with Access database mailboxes:


If the Access database is located on the ModusMail server, configure Modify permissions for the server's IUSR and ASPNET accounts (Windows 2000 Server) or the Network Service account (Windows Server 2003)k3) on the .mdb and .lck files.


If the Access database is on a separate server from that of ModusMail, you may encounter errors when accessing the WebMail > Settings because Access does not easily support remote connections from a web server.  We recommend that the database be installed on the ModusMail server.  If this is not possible, you must copy the .mdb file to the ModusMail server and update the contents on a regular basis.



Troubleshooting sporadic access problems:


If users occasionally encounter errors when attempting to access WebMail > Settings, there may be a problem with caching in Internet Explorer.


  • In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options
  • Under Temporary Internet Files, click on Delete Cookies and Delete Files
  • Click on OK

Modified 7/8/2008
Keywords: settings, webadmin
Article ID: 1205