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Radius: class CAccessCheck : We got zero (0) as numeric value, this MAY be a problem!
Problem Summary:

The Error Log File (VPRError.log) shows the following error message:

"class CAccessCheck : We got zero (0) as numeric value, this MAY be a problem!"

For example,

"(Debug1  :01784) 3/30/2005 9:45:28 class CAccessCheck : We got zero (0) as numeric value, this MAY be a problem! [Attribute name: Session-Timeout] [User name: test]"



This error message will only seen starting in version 4.0. The error message is harmless and only serves as a warning message to the administrator. In versions earlier than 4.0, VOP Radius ignored attribute field values where the value set was NULL or 0. By contrast, in version 4.0, VOP Radius logs a warning message when the field value is 0. In the example above, the warning error message means that during the authentication query against the database for the username "test", VOP Radius found the attribute Session-Timeout assigned to the user with a value of 0. In the end the warning error message is only logged and the attribute is not returned to the NAS in the Access Granted packet.


 There is nothing particular that the administrator must do if he/she is not bothered by the warning message. However, to make these warning messages "disappear" then the administrator can set the attribute field value to <NULL> rather than 0.


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Modified 3/30/2005
Article ID: 1174