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Required Information When Contacting Customer Support


When calling/emailing Vircom's customer support, please be prepared to provide our service technician with the following information:


  • Your Customer ID.  This number was given to you upon purchase of your products and confirmed with an activated code, sent to you by email. 
  • Your name, the company name, email address and telephone number
  • Product name, version and build number
  • Priority of your request (Critical, High, Normal or Low)
  • Detailed description of the problem including any test results
  • Information on how to reproduce the problem and the error logs


Why your Customer ID is important


Important:  The software version that you are currently running can be found by clicking on Help > About.  This information allows us to properly assess technical issues and recommend the most efficient solution to resolve them.  Providing this information decreases the time it takes to resolve problems because it allows the technician to research "known issues" that may be fixed with a patch or upgrade.

When a problem is reported to Vircom's support, the service technician enters the information into a tracking system and a Ticket Number and description of the request is immediately relayed to the Customer.


Clients should always refer to the ticket number for updates, follow-ups or escalations on the reported issue.  It is recommended that you reply to this email to update us on your situation.



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