How-To: Display the Paper Clip Icon


Product: ModusMail

Version & Build: 4.1.361 and above

Webmail Attachments Icon Display

By default, the web interface is not set to display an attachment paperclip icon for messages that have attachments because there COULD be a performance issue.  To be able to perform the check for attachments in a message, the whole message has to be transferred between the Mail Server and the WebMail Server and then to the IIS server.  If they are on the same computer, this should be fast but  if they are not, there could be a slowdown when loading the message list in your Inbox. 

To enable display of the attachment paperclip, proceed with the following steps:


  1. Open the custom.xml file in the ...\Themes\Vircom directory
  2. Add the following line between the existing <Theme> and </Theme> tags:

    <vircommessagelist UseServerAttachment="False"></vircommessagelist>


  1. Perform an IISReset (from a Command Prompt) to enable this change