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How-To: Customize the Quarantine Report Template

Product: All

Version & Build: All

Note: The following instructions apply to both modusGate and modusMail programs. 

1.  Locate the appropriate root installation folder for your modus package: 


e.g. for modusGate - C:\Program Files\Vircom\modusGate

       e.g. for modusMail - C:\Program Files\Vircom\modusMail

2.  Go to modus [Gate or Mail]\Templates\Quarantine\Default\Theme

3.  Inside the Theme folder, make a copy of the Default subfolder and rename the copy with your custom theme name, e.g, “Company.” 
NOTE: If you plan to customize the report for multiple domains, make as many copies of the Theme folder as needed, and rename each one according to the respective company or domain name. The following steps will have to be repeated for each new Theme folder.

4.  Next, open the Company\Images folder: here you will find the images used for the Quarantine Report template

5.  To change the CompanyLogo.gif image, simply replace the .gif file with your own. Make sure this file is stored in the new Company\Images directory.
      NOTE: All images in this directory can be replaced, but the original file sizes must be respected.

6.  Next, locate the Theme.xml file within the Quarantine\Default\Theme\Company folder  

7.  Open the Theme.xml file and modify the following entries, where applicable:

<Category id="15">Forbidden.gif</Category>
<Category id="14">MimeParseError.gif</Category>
<Category id="13">Corrupted.gif</Category>
<Category id="32">Custom.gif</Category>
<Category id="33">Phishing.gif</Category>
<Category id="34">Adult.gif</Category>
<Category id="35">Patterns.gif</Category>
<Category id="36">Money.gif</Category>
<Category id="37">Goods.gif</Category>
<Category id="38">Health.gif</Category>
<Category id="40">Blacklist.gif</Category>
<Category id="41">Miscellaneous.gif</Category>
<Category id="42">SpamLink.gif</Category>
<Category id="44">Foreign.gif</Category>

8.  Finally, go to the Quarantine folder, right-click and select Properties > Security tab, click Advanced, then click Edit, enable “Replace all existing inheritable permissions on all descendants with inheritable permissions from this object,” and click Apply.  (In other words, propagate all existing permissions on the Quarantine folder to all of its subfolders.)

Modified 1/6/2012
Keywords: customize, quarantine report, report template
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