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How-To: Customize the Date Displayed in Webmail / WebQuarantine


Product: All

Version & Build: 4.3


There are three different date formats used in WebMail / WebQuarantine, depending on the age of the message:

1. Messages that arrive on the current day show only the time
2. Messages that arrived during the current year show the month and day
3. Older messages dating back to previous years show the month, day and year

To change the format:

  • Go to the ...\Vircom\Web\Web<Mail or Quarantine>\WebRoot\Locales folder and open the folder of the language you want to change (e.g. Locales\en)
  • With Notepad, open the strings.xml file and search for DateToday
  • You will see the following lines:

  <DateThisYear>MMM dd</DateThisYear>

  • Change the value between the > and < characters to what is to be displayed for each of the time stamps

The following tables provide examples of different date displays based on the English language.  ** The order of the date and the separator may change depending on the language.

 Character  Format  Example
 d  M/d/yyyy    1/1/2006
 g  M/d/yyyy h:mm  1/1/2006 12:00 AM
 t  h:mm  12:00 AM

You can also combine the following characters to represent certain parts of the date:

 Character  Format  Example


 day of the month  1
 dd      day of the month (2 digits)  01
 ddd    abbreviated day of the week    Sun
 dddd    full weekday  name     Sunday
 M       month of the year   1
 MM      month of the year (2 digits)  01
 MMM      abbreviated month of the year  Jan
 MMMM    the full month  name      January
 yy   year without century    06
 yyyy       year with century  2006
 h           the hour in 12-hour clock  2
 hh      the hour in 12-hour clock (2 digits)  02
 H    the hour in 24-hour clock    0 
 HH    the hour in 24-hour clock (2 digits)   00
 mm       the minutes (2 digits)  00
 ss       the seconds (2 digits)  00 
 tt       AM/PM designator  AM

Example of a character combination:

 Combined characters  Result
 dddd   Sunday
 dddd h:mm  Sunday 12:00 
 MMM dd  Jan 01


Modified 12/20/2006
Keywords: date, display, timestamp, time stamp
Article ID: 1486